Mercedes-Benz Intelligent World Drive – five continents in five months!

The Intelligent World Drive initiative was launched at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) in September. The German automaker now wants to take its systems and tech to the next level by testing them in different parts of the world. A Mercedes-Benz S‑Class has been automated, for an initiative called Intelligent World Drive, for test purposes to face a variety of complex traffic situations. In efforts of gathering valuable experience on the road to autonomous driving, the car will be tested on 5 continents. It began its first leg in Frankfurt - Germany, where it was launched. [...]

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BMW releases a 360-Degree Virtual Test Drive Experience on Mars in an X3

Ever wonder what's it like to drive on the red planet? You can now take a virtual drive in the new BMW X3! Much like seeing those distinct angel eyes in your rearview mirror rocketing toward you, BMW is moving a few lightyears ahead with its new BMW X3. Automakers the world over are testing their products on different terrains but BMW now created a test drive experience on Mars. Yes, you read right, on Mars! Talk about innovative, you can now experience the new top-spec 2018 BMW X3 M40i in a 360-degree virtual reality drive on Mars. The 360 [...]

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Cheaper alternative child car seat reaches South Africa – but is it safe?

World Road Crash Statistics show that almost 1.3 million people die from road accidents every year, making that an average of 3,287 deaths a day. We take every precaution to protect the lives of our kids, but how many are putting a price limit on it? Source: These stats clearly show how dangerous being on the road is, especially for a child not in a car seat in South Africa. The rise in car accidents year on year is a sad reality. Furthermore, those involving children are even more tragic. Now, even though cars are being filled with technological [...]

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Thieves are abusing technology with signal jamming

It seems the smarter and more connected our cars get, so do potential car thieves. Technology advancements now allow thieves to steal your car without breaking in. It was a year ago that two hackers remotely accessed the inner workings of a Jeep to illustrate the ease of accessibility. The scenario was proof of how easy it is to gain control of (and ultimately steal) a car built by the Fiat/Chrysler group. This also lead to the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles. Apart from this method, thieves rarely need an expensive laptop to gain access to your car. Volkswagen made [...]

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Serious Car Accident? There’s an App for that

South Africa is like the Wild West (or the Wild South, rather) where road fatalities are concerned. Our statistics are currently at 47 road deaths per day. Every time you get into a car, you're faced with unroadworthy vehicles, drunk drivers, and drivers who insist on texting. The likelihood of meeting up in an accident rises every day. It’s a jungle out there. Driving is even considered less safe than bungee jumping, paragliding or even piloting (one of my favorite things to do). So, let’s suppose you get into a serious car crash. You cannot move to grab your mobile phone [...]

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Apple CarPlay – My ultimate co-pilot

Apple CarPlay is simply Apple.. I’ve long thought that car infotainment systems are just hard to use. Having to fiddle with blue-tooth connections or special cables is just painful. Until I met Apple CarPlay. Now, my ultimate co-pilot. My love for Apple products My avid love for Apple products probably skews my view. But no one can argue  that Apple’s CarPlay makes life easier. Literally all you do is connect and go. Allowing me to take the things I love straight from my iPhone right to the car’s in-built display. What’s more, you LISTEN to your favourite book, song or podcast [...]

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Lane Keeping Systems

Henry Ford In 1908, Henry Ford changed the world we live in by using the latest technology to design and produce the Model T Ford. Since then technology in cars has gained momentum at an ever increasing pace. Lane Keeping Systems are an example of this. Not so long ago, the car was a mechanical machine, the carburettor mechanically supplied fuel to the engine, and rearview mirrors had that little mechanical “flip” switch on the underside that allowed you to dim the mirror slightly to avoid the glare from cars or the sun. Remember when looking over your shoulder to [...]

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