Schumacher hits a lap at the Spa

This past weekend I sat down to watch the Belgian Grand Prix and lo and behold, there was a Schumacher on track! Photo credit: GETTY IMAGES Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, took his father’s seven-time Formula 1 world champion title-winning Benetton for a lap around the track. The Spa-Francorchamps circuit is a track that shaped Schumacher's F1 career and a run was organized to commemorate Michael’s first F1 win 25 years ago (in 1992). Eighteen-year-old Mick wore a custom helmet that incorporated his usual design on one side and had his father’s original design on the other. The F1 [...]

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6 hour drift in South Africa to take the World Record from the Germans

This is the story of how an American man, living in South Africa, equipped with a Japanese car, breaks the world’s longest drifting record title. A title currently held by a German man. Have you ever woken up one morning, logged onto Twitter, come across some random guy’s profile and decided "I want his title!"? This man living in South Africa did His name is Jesse Adams. Adams, 39, is a motoring journalist at IOL and The Star Motoring. He woke up one morning in November 2015, logged onto Twitter, as we all do, and came across Harald Müller’s profile. [...]

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