Swarm intelligence in autonomous cars

If you follow electric cars as avidly as I do, then you would have come across this. But for my readers and followers who don’t, I wanted to break down the swarm intelligence. As mentioned on our podcast show, AutoCentral, on Monday morning, autonomous cars are the way of the future. So what is swarm intelligence? Swarm Intelligence is somewhat like artificial intelligence that aims to simulate the behavior of swarms or social insects. The expression was first presented in 1989 by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in regard to cellular robotic systems. It’s commonly used in the IT sector. [...]

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Driverless Uber Vehicles – The Future for City Commuters

You take out your phone, and open the Uber app. Ten minutes later you get into a car that matches the description and registration number of the car on your phone. You exchange pleasantries with the driver. You are completely at ease, because soon you will arrive safely at your destination. Or will you? There have been a number of attacks on Uber passengers in the news lately, and not only in crime-ridden South Africa. Apart from passengers falling prey to muggings and assault, Uber drivers are also at the receiving end of physical and verbal abuse by crazy passengers. [...]

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Lockheed Martin’s Autonomous Firefighting Chopper

Autonomous firefighting helicopters could save some firefighters lives... Every year during the dry summer months, large parts of the country (especially the Western Cape) fall prey to vicious bushfires. Whether started by evil-doers or a result of a badly-timed braai on a windy day, the fires pose a huge threat to everyone involved. It’s often a losing battle, but firefighters put their lives at risk and do their best every time. Hendrik Willem Marais attempted a forced landing in 2015 which ultimately resulted in his death. He was a ‘Working on Fire’ helicopter pilot. The helicopter was part of a team of two helicopters [...]

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