We recently launched the AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards. These awards are not like the regular awards that you see every other week. But, there is a twist, unlike regular awards, there are no deadlines to nominate. 

Why should there be a cutoff in recognizing positivity? 

I caught up with AutoTrader SA’s Marketing Director, Angelique Lynch who explained to us why the AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards exist. 

AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards

The main reason AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards exist is to recognise those who make the South African automotive industry special. Also, to interview the best of the best and get their insights. So our mission is to showcase the people behind the businesses in the automotive industry in South Africa.

We encourage the entire automotive industry to get involved and give their teams the recognition they deserve.

Angelique further explained that AutoTrader SA is the leader in the automotive space when it comes to marketing. It’s a no-brainer as we deal with hundreds of dealers every single day.

We, therefore, created awards that pay tribute and give accolades to people doing great things in the automotive industry.

Also, AutoTrader SA wants to make sure that we shine a spotlight on the people behind the businesses, that are really driving success in the automotive industry.

People behind the curtain, are the people working on the ground every day that we don’t hear from. These people are the collective success of our industry. 

Often it’s the unsung heroes that don’t always get the credibility and the recognition they deserve. But are the people that keep the cogs of the business turning. So it’s really great to be able to acknowledge them and give them a chance to shine.

AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards with a twist 

There is a slight twist with the AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards that make them stand out, different from other awards that we get to see every other week. 

Angelique highlighted 3 unique factors about the Car Dealer Awards:

1 – The awards are about people and not a cause. Most award programs recognise motor vehicles. This is really about recognizing people.

2 – There is no set deadline in terms of nominations and winners. AutoTrader SA has these awards running throughout the year and you can nominate anyone at any time. 

3 – You don’t have to be the ‘boss’ to be nominated or to receive an award. Anybody at any level in the automotive industry can be nominated and can win an award. 

Often it’s the unsung heroes that get the successes of the businesses.

How many AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards entries have there been?

The AutoTrader SA  Car Dealer Awards have to date received over 360 nominations across the three different categories and the number continues to grow. So if you’re in the automotive industry and haven’t nominated anyone, I would suggest you visit: www.cardealerawards.co.za today and every day!

3 different categories to nominate

There are 3 categories you can nominate your colleagues under

      1 – Dealership awards

      2 – Individual awards

      3 – A rising star award

The rising star award is an opportunity to recognize up-and-coming entrants in the automotive industry, which is something AutoTrader SA is really passionate about as a brand.

The Dealership award recognises great things you’re doing as a brand, from a marketing perspective, or even from an innovation or customer service perspective.

Basically, anything that really makes you stand out as a dealership, doing great things.

Are dealerships nominating outside their own business?

AutoTrader SA has seen businesses and dealerships recognize other businesses and people outside their own car dealerships. We actually had a recent one, where it was a brand recognizing another brand as well as a particular person in that brand.

Can you be a rising star?

I would imagine that rising stars have got nothing to do with age and I’m pretty sure you could get a 60-year-old rising star. 

What type of nominations are we getting for a rising star? 

It can be anybody who has entered the automotive industry or even in the dealership for the first time and has a new role there. The person does not necessarily have all the experience that maybe some of the higher or more senior executives have.

AutoTrader SA is seeing rising stars come through the ranks and gaining really great experience who are being celebrated by people in that dealership. What’s makes this exciting is that it really gives people an opportunity to shine and to be excited about the automotive industry because often it’s not really seen as a glamorous industry to be in.

When there’s so much diversity across the different roles available in the automotive industry, we’re seeing the rising stars being recognized for things such as:

People at any level are being celebrated. And most interestingly we’ve had entries and nominations from interns all the way through to owners in these awards.

It just shows how diverse the Car Dealer Awards actually are. 

Examples of people AutoTrader SA is celebrating

It’s not limited to sales only, for example, the AutoTrader SA is seeing people being celebrated for: 

  • Customer excellence
  • Sales excellence
  • Marketing 
  • Innovation happening within the dealership
  • Stories about resilience and leadership. 

Especially through the challenging 18 months of lockdown. 

Type of people being nominated

AutoTrader SA has seen people in customer service because they’re doing such great things and offering excellent customer service and customer experiences to people. Not just in the dealership but online as well because they’re really going beyond the normal call of duty to make sure that customers remember who they are. 

Have there been any winners in the Car Dealer Awards?

AutoTrader SA has had nine winners to date across three different categories.

  • Winners have come from it’s from customer experience
  • 3 winners in the outstanding individual achievement towards
  • 2 leadership awards

Angelique tells us that it’s been so great to read the entries and be part of the judging panel that actually decides on the winners. Another exciting thing is that AutoTrader SA is about to announce the next set of winners in August 2021. 

So keep your eyes on the Car Dealer Awards page and have a look at who those winners are. Also don’t forget to add your own nominations, to have really good people recognized.

What is #Feelgoodfriday

#Feelgoodfriday creates an opportunity to make other people in the automotive industry feel good on a Friday because what better way to end your week than celebrating great things that have been done in the automotive industry.

So feel good Fridays encourages the automotive industry to tell us stories that have come out during the past couple of weeks. Giving us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on people, doing great things.

It gives people the opportunity to share it with their family and their friends going into the weekend. So that they can really end the week on a high. 

How can dealers be part of this? 

There are a couple of ways dealers can be a part:

      1 – The easiest way is to visit the Car Dealer Awards website.

      2 – You can click on the nominate now tab 

      3 – Submit a nomination for either a dealer, an individual, or a rising star

      4 – Fill out the form

      5 – Click submit and then AutoTrader SA will do the rest from there.

Alternatively, if you’re an advertiser on Autotrader SA is to speak to your account manager. 

Are we getting nominations from the general public?

AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards are getting nominations from the general public including people that are not working in the automotive industry

Angelique explained to us that the public is nominating dealerships including when someone has had any experience with the dealership. 

15% of the nominations are actually coming from the car-buying public

Dealerships are getting accolades and recognition from the general car-buying public. Therefore if you’re an awesome dealer, you need to take part in this because at the end of the day you can showcase this to your car buyers

If you’ve been nominated you get recognized across social media platforms, you get a special communication from AutoTrader SA, as well as a couple of icons to tell everybody that you’ve actually been nominated. 

You also get a certificate that you’re able to show.

I would say print it out, frame it, and put it against the wall so that your consumers can see that you’ve been nominated either as an employee, leader or, dealership itself.