I’m proud to announce the launch of our 2021 AutoTrader SA Mid-Year Car Industry Report covering the period January to June 2021. This is the fastest we’ve ever released the car industry report after the end of a period. I’m very proud of the team – they have done a really stunning job on this report, By using AutoTrader SA ocean of data that we collect and compile on a daily basis.

Following the recovery of a disrupted South African auto industry during the last year, auto businesses and everybody in our industry had to focus on paths towards a new normal to ensure the sustainability of our industry into the future. 

In this iteration of the report, we tell you: 

  • The top 10 most enquired on cars, Their price points. 
  • About the body types consumers almost after, and we also tell you 
  • The difference between what people search for vs. what they end up enquiring on. Which then goes to what they end up buying.

You’ll be surprised that it is actually different.

#Charged-Up is based on 3 facets 

The theme for the 2021 AutoTrader SA Mid-Year car industry report is #Charged-Up and is based on 3 key facets:

       1. Industry and dealer data

Data is the oil that moves our machine called the automotive industry forward. Without data, each business is really going to be stuck moving forward. So I encourage you to use data from this report and start using this kind of data to drive your business forward

       2.  Electric vehicles and sustainable mobility

We all know what the future holds, but electric vehicles and sustainable mobility is an important thing for all of us to get behind for the future of our automotive industry in South Africa. I recently bought the Jaguar I-Pace in order to experience the car myself as well as document what it is like living with an EV.

       3. Working together as an automotive industry

I can’t emphasise this more, days of silos are gone. We need to work together to ensure the future of our automotive industry – together. 

We spotlight electric vehicles

We’ve decided to spotlight electric vehicles and in so doing, we’ve added consumer demand and consumer consideration. By focusing on the five electric vehicles available in the market today.

We’ve also in the car industry report, updated the 2020 AutoTrader SA EV Buyers Survey. It takes a dipstick around consumer psychology and whether consumers have shifted their thinking around electric vehicles in South Africa.

The questions we asked around this were to gauge:

  • Is there more appetite or less appetite for EVs?
  • Is there still range anxiety?
  • What consumers think about the charging infrastructure, etc. 

So I would encourage you to go and download the car industry report at reports.autotrader.co.za

I will be very keen for you to tell me what you think.