Insights from the first half of 2023

One thing becomes abundantly clear as we steer through the dynamic currents of the automotive industry: data holds the steering wheel. At AutoTrader, our commitment to data-driven insights has unveiled a promising narrative for the local automotive sector in the first half of 2023. Despite the formidable economic challenges, the industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience and progress, setting the stage for a year of significant growth.

Driving Forward Amidst Challenges

Our industry has stood tall in this era of uncertainty, firmly rooted in strategic data analysis. The trends observed in the first six months underscore the automotive sector’s steady climb. The year 2023 has marked a period of positive momentum, propelled by a confluence of factors that have shaped our industry’s trajectory.

Economic Engines and Strategic Initiatives

The fuel for our industry’s engine comes from a multifaceted approach. Our nation’s export-oriented production strategy, supplemented by government investments and incentives, has provided crucial support. Moreover, establishing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) like the Tshwane Automotive SEZ (TASEZ) has attracted investments and catalysed local manufacturing and vehicle component exports.

Forging Alliances for Global Competitiveness

In this interconnected world, collaborations have ignited sparks of success. The synergy between automakers, dealerships, and tech giants has turbocharged demand, ensuring our industry’s competitive edge globally. Furthermore, partnerships with international automotive leaders like Metair, ACM, and Atlantis Special Economic Zone have paved pathways to innovation.

Local Growth and Green Horizons

Our industry’s gaze has remained steadfast on local growth and sustainable practices. The drive to increase domestic content in vehicles and components has minimised dependence on imports and curtailed costs. Simultaneously, the surging interest in electric vehicles (EVs) has propelled a 106%. The surge in new EV sales and a remarkable 108% increase in used EV sales. The industry invests in greener manufacturing processes, affirming our commitment to a sustainable future.

Insights Illuminating the Path Forward

A critical aspect of our journey is understanding the consumer’s compass. The 2023 AutoTrader Mid-Year Car Industry Report offers invaluable insights into evolving car shopping trends. This year, we’ve amplified our perspective by integrating used car sales data, providing a comprehensive market view.

Accelerating Momentum Through Data

The numbers don’t lie – they tell a story of a vibrant half-year. The sales of 168,897 used cars, alongside a remarkable 14% year-on-year growth in advert views, speak volumes of the industry’s enduring appeal. While searches saw a 10% decline, the report highlights the unyielding sway of SUVs and the exceptional value proposition of used hatchbacks. The Ford Ranger emerged as the champion in used car sales, while the Toyota Hilux led the pack in new car sales, redefining industry norms.

A Collective Journey Toward Growth

The insights encapsulated in this report, coupled with consumer behaviour analysis, act as a compass guiding us through the market’s currents. Sharing this information bridges the gap between consumers and the automotive industry, fostering an environment of mutual understanding and trust. This collaboration is a roadmap I believe will continue to fuel our traction and accelerate growth.

Paving the Road Ahead

In reflection, these six months have cast a positive light on the automotive industry. While challenges persist, the industry’s determination, strategic initiatives, and data-driven insights have set the foundation for a resilient and promising future. As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, AutoTrader remains committed to steering with data at the forefront, propelling the automotive industry to new horizons few major sectors can claim.

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