Car pricing, demand and supply.

Pricing for immediate demand and supply is happening in real time -- there are no lags anymore, especially for car dealerships. We call this live market data. There is a constant push and pull that directly affects the price of a product i.e. the price of a car on your car dealership floor. Because pricing is becoming so transparent, we now want to know where the price is going in the future -- I think, therein lies the next opportunity for transparency i.e. when demand and supply data becomes transparent.

In being passionate about moving our industry forward, we then took this a step further and produced the first ever industry report that shows aggregate demand data. Our Industry report gives the car dealer a better understanding, to help you know what cars to buy or sell.

If the currency we are working with is the consumer attention in this transparent world of demand, supply & price, then how do we get and keep the consumers attention?

Where is the consumer’s attention for your car dealership? 

On Facebook, but serious buyers for cars. Platform context is always a factor when trying to get consumer attention. Consumers by enlarge don’t buy cars on Social Media. So, social media is important to be present on, because we have to admit that the consumers’ attention is there. But don’t try and sell cars on them, or get quality leads, you’ll be disappointed.

  • There are 23 million people on Facebook in South Africa in 2019, up from 18 million a year back
  • That’s out of 31 million people on the internet
  • 11 -- 12million of these have jobs and who can actually buy cars -- means there is a lot of pent up demand

If you have not started building strategies to attract the consumer’s attention, start now, before it’s too late.