Majority of automakers have a vehicle in their lineup with some form of keyless entry. While it’s been an incredible technological advancement, it’s still not foolproof.

For those unfamiliar with the term, keyless entry is that which allows drivers to open and start their vehicle without even touching the fob or with it still in your pocket.

Signal jamming

If you have any social media profile, then I’m certain you would have seen the videos of thieves making their way off with cars from public and private properties. And all this is done within minutes, sometimes less than 60 seconds.

This method of stealing cars is also not limited to South Africa. Criminals around the world are exploiting the vulnerabilities of the keyless entry system. They are making use of radio transmitters to intercept and copy/capture the signal from the car’s fob. In London, they call it electronic key cloning.

In a study conducted last year, it was found that 110 cars from 27 different automakers were vulnerable to attack. The automakers are aware of the problem and are working on fitting new technology to remain ahead of criminals.

The automakers are also not to be blamed for such tech as thieves are also advancing in the tech and methods they use.

The signal hacking devices are also moderately expensive and not easy to come by in SA so keyless entry is a relatively safe option.

Keyless Entry Car Security Tips

  1. Rule number 1: stand next to your door and lock your car. Check your door is locked then walk away.
  2. Fit a tracking device. This device could also lower insurance premiums.
  3. Check with dealers to see if there’s a software update for your car.
  4. Always ensure there are no visible valuables and also ensure all windows, the sunroof and boot are locked.
  5. Taking it back to old school methods: use an immobilizer or a steering wheel or gearstick lock.