In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about the threat of violence and shootings when out and about shopping, or going to work, or taking the kids to school, or travelling with public transport. We could go about our lives mindlessly and content. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that picture-perfect world. So, for that reason, we need to share tips and offer practical guidance that could help save your life.

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This may be a grim topic for an advice article, but motorists being caught up in shootings are, sadly, rising. Recently, there was a shootout at a petrol station in Sandton where motorists were caught in between. It is apparent that one person died but details around the incident are still unclear. Last year there was a shooting outside OR Tambo airport that left many people confused on what to do. There was a shootout in Randburg in March very near to our offices where one suspect was shot dead. And just yesterday there were shootings in Boksburg during a cash in transit heist. Suspects were chased and some were shot and killed while others were arrested.

At times many people are paralyzed by the shock or fear of what’s taking place. The feelings of panic are a normal human reaction and are inevitable. MasterDrive has released some tips on what to do or and how to prepare your mind in advance for situations like these.

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says that if you mentally have a plan of what to do if caught in a hijacking or a shooting, some logic may rise above the fear. Since you never know how you would react in a crisis, planning what to do beforehand will increase the chances of protection-reaction automatically.

Call for help

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What should you do if caught in shootings?

The first thing to do if you hear or see a shooting taking place is, not pull out your cellphone and record, but rather escape! Look for paths that lead away from the gunman’s direction.

If escape is not an option, then find protective cover. Herbert recommends behind a pillar or behind your car. It’s actually safe to be behind your car despite what you may believe about your car exploding from a shot. Blame movie producers for this because, in reality, the chances of this happening is near impossible.

After you’ve taken cover, call emergency services for help. Identify yourself, explain briefly what is happening and where exactly.

Herbert says once you are safe, you can then try and assist any victims if you have first aid experience. If the incident occurs on the road remember many people’s instinct will be to flee. This happens without realizing/caring which is the legally-correct direction to go. So be aware of cars that may drive around victims to escape and even consider vehicles which may turn around and drive the wrong way down the road.

You can never be truly prepared for situations like these but you can equip your mind and skills beforehand on what to do.


Source: MasterDrive