5 Tips to win in today’s digital world

5 Tips dealerships can use to win in today’s digital retail world We all know consumer buyer behaviour is changing. Your digital forecourt is more important than ever. But, as buyers spend more and more time online and less time in our physical forecourts I know some dealers are finding the change a struggle.   The problems You only have to think back to how your website looked 5 years ago to see just how much Automotive websites have improved, but there’s still so much more we can do to improve. One of the things i’ve noticed is that dealers [...]

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Why SA car dealers need to embrace Digital Marketing

Many South African car dealers still swear by traditional means of advertising and marketing. Without discrediting the importance traditional marketing still has, I swear by the power of all-things-digital. This is why I think dealers should also adopt digital marketing: Convenience and Wider Reach of digital marketing It not only helps to reach a more varied and broader audience but also brings in new customers. Digital marketing channels don’t only refer to mobile and social media, but websites, banner ads, and email also assist in reaching a larger part of the audience. This form of marketing allows the convenience of easy contact [...]

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