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The Rise to BMW South Africa’s CEO | Peter Van Binsbergen


In the world of automotive industry leadership, Peter van Binsbergen's journey stands out as an inspirational and instructive tale of determination, adaptability, and cultural understanding. As the CEO of BMW South Africa, Peter has carved a remarkable path from his early engineering days to leading one of the most prestigious automobile manufacturers in the world. [...]

The Rise to BMW South Africa’s CEO | Peter Van Binsbergen2024-06-11T09:32:28+02:00

Volkswagen’s Kariega Plant: A 70-Year Legacy Challenging the Status Quo


I had the exclusive opportunity to visit Volkswagen's Kariega assembly plant in South Africa in 2023. During my visit, I sat down with Ulrich Schwabe, Director of Production at the plant, to delve into the rich history and technological advancements that have shaped this automotive powerhouse. Unveiling Decades of Heritage What is the history of [...]

Volkswagen’s Kariega Plant: A 70-Year Legacy Challenging the Status Quo2024-02-12T14:59:43+02:00

Stellantis South Africa’s Leadership Story | The AutoBiography


In the captivating world of the automotive industry, Leslie Ramsoomar's story is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and a love for cars. As the CEO of AutoTrader SA, I am thrilled to share Leslie's incredible journey with you. From starting as a Parts Salesman to leading Stellantis South Africa, Leslie's path is [...]

Stellantis South Africa’s Leadership Story | The AutoBiography2024-02-12T12:21:51+02:00

The journey of Mark Raine – Co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz SA


In life, we have many dreams and aspirations of what we would like to become when we are older. These dreams guide our paths and give us some direction to what it is that we want to do with the rest of our lives. These aspirations will either push us to become better and be [...]

The journey of Mark Raine – Co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz SA2023-02-07T08:52:20+02:00

5 car dealership tips for a successful 2022


2021 has no doubt been a challenging year for your car dealership in our SA automotive industry. But, we can all agree that it was better than 2020. We've proven that no matter what gets thrown at us and the SA automotive industry, we will soldier on together.  The question we ask ourselves now is [...]

5 car dealership tips for a successful 20222022-02-03T15:39:27+02:00

AutoTrader SA automotive industry Car Dealer Awards


We recently launched the AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards. These awards are not like the regular awards that you see every other week. But, there is a twist, unlike regular awards, there are no deadlines to nominate.  Why should there be a cutoff in recognizing positivity?  I caught up with AutoTrader SA’s Marketing Director, Angelique [...]

AutoTrader SA automotive industry Car Dealer Awards2021-08-26T14:01:06+02:00

Abdullah Veraschia – DigiCars | Industry Spotlight


I caught up with the co-founder of DigiCars, Abdullah Veraschia. He has a fascinating story specifically behind the birth of DigiCars – a car dealership driven to make an online difference for the South African car buyer. Friendships become business partners At the back of an iconic 2010 in South Africa's history, Abdullah Veraschia met [...]

Abdullah Veraschia – DigiCars | Industry Spotlight2020-08-28T08:10:20+02:00

Bobby Petkov – MitMak Motors | Industry Spotlight


After spending some time with Bobby Petkov from MitMak Motors, it was very clear that his car dealership is ready to (un)lock lockdown. Since the Government Gazette’s announcement to have car dealerships open their doors under specific directions, MitMak Motors are proud to have made 9 customers happy today, the first day of trading for [...]

Bobby Petkov – MitMak Motors | Industry Spotlight2020-05-14T21:14:49+02:00

Mike Mabasa – NAAMSA | Industry Spotlight


I recently spent time with Mike Mabasa, CEO of National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) to understand what the announcement from the Government's Gazette meant for the industry. Firstly, Mike was elated to know that most of the suggestions put forward together by industry representatives and AutoTrader have yielded positive outcomes. As [...]

Mike Mabasa – NAAMSA | Industry Spotlight2020-05-15T03:59:53+02:00

Mark Dommisse – NADA | Industry Spotlight


I caught up with the Chairperson of National Automobile Dealers' Association (NADA), Mark Dommisse and he has expressed how the entire industry is leaping for joy after the Governments announcement to open up car dealerships under Level 4 lockdown. The efforts and sleepless nights have seen success at the end of it all. Mark alludes [...]

Mark Dommisse – NADA | Industry Spotlight2020-05-15T04:00:42+02:00
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