#ChargedUp is the 6th Edition of the AutoTrader SA market industry report. The first market industry report was released in August 2019.

Whenever we release something like this we take the view of testing the data in the market. There’s no point putting something out if it’s not going to be consumed. 

Traffic to AutoTrader SA was moderately impacted by the looting recently. However, the positive news is once again, South African car shopping consumers are resilient. They have bounced back to the search level before the looting in South Africa.

3 key important areas addressed by the AutoTrader SA Market Industry Report

The latest AutoTrader SA Market Industry Report addresses 3 key areas;

      1. Industry data 

The used car industry in particular is very buoyant. Industry data in today’s world can be the make or break difference for any automotive retailer. Because data has never been more important for car dealerships and OEMs as they use data more effectively. 

AutoTrader SA has seen it in the numbers, dealers that use data, sell more cars, and generate more profits. OEMs and car dealerships no longer run their businesses by gut feel/perception or by just pushing cars into the market. The automotive industry is becoming consumer-centric very fast, where the market has to listen to what the consumer demands.

      2. EVs electric vehicles

The South African automotive market is in the beginning stages of EV adoption. According to the latest EV Green Paper by the South African government, 92 electric vehicles sold in South Africa during 2020. 

I’ve personally taken the leap to purchase an EV. The Jaguar I-Pace as AutoTrader SA is a pivotal business in the Automotive industry.

      3. Automotive industry working together. 

AutoTrader SA strongly believes that to get to a more sustainable and beneficial industry for the economy and consumers. All stakeholders need to share information and work together to solve these consumer problems.

I see a lot of change in this area with transparency and the sharing of data and information. And the market industry report is an example of that, AutoTrader SA does not monetise the car industry report. The data shared is there to help the industry. 

Fast facts from #ChargedUp

2021 shows that consumers have changed/shifted their demands.

Here are a few numbers from the Mid-Year Industry Report: 

  • AutoTrader SA experienced a 44% increase in traffic.
  • Over 55 million visits in the first 6 months of 2021. 
  • An increase in some months is more than the 20% in conversion. 
  • An average cost of a vehicle listed on AutoTrader is about R389,000.
  • The average model is about a 2016 model. 
  • The average mileage is about 75,000 kilometers. 

AutoTrader SA data shows that users would search between midnight and 3am, which trumped searches at 9am. So consumer behavior shifts quickly when there’s a change in the market. 

In the last few weeks, South Africa has gone through a horrific time, but South Africans are resilient

The ocean of data collected and analysed by AutoTrader SA gives me confidence that we have a future.