Electric Cars (EV)2022-04-24T10:39:26+02:00

Owning an electric car in South Africa is now possible thanks to 2 things. The number of electric cars now available in the South African market as well as the charging infrastructure that has been built over the last decade. This makes the future of electric cars in SA much more exciting. Click here to learn more about owning an electric car!


Most electric car owners charge their electric cars at home daily, but, there is a large public charging network with over 250 charging points nationwide! your electric car does not have to travel more than 200km between electric car chargers. Click here to learn more about electric car charging!


More and more OEMs are launching electric cars into the South African market as the European deadline in the mid-2030s looms. Click here to learn more about electric cars for sale in South Africa.

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