Ford released teaser photos of a few new models at an event yesterday at headquarters in Michigan. This came after an announcement of plans to revamp the bulk of its lineup by 2020.

The American automaker continues to focus on trucks, high-performance cars and SUVs as it’s where the company remains strong. It’s these higher-margin vehicles that bring in the cash. With this, Ford can invest and develop new mobility technologies that include electric and autonomous vehicles.

Ford has reallocated $7 billion in capital from cars to SUVs. This also comes with the consumer shift and preference to SUV-type vehicles. Industry watchers are of the opinion that this shift may be a permanent one. The automaker is estimating that by 2020, SUVs could account for 50 percent of all vehicle sales. It’s also estimating their SUV sales to grow twice the industry average, an increase of 20 percent, by 2020.

In addition, the automaker is beefing up products in its performance division. We can expect to see 12 new performance models, of which at least 2 models will be SUVs, by 2020.

This is what Ford put out on their social platforms, further details and/or specs were not disclosed.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

One of the most exciting pics was the teaser image of the menacing Shelby front end. The GT500 has always been one of the most powerful versions of the Mustang a person can get. The Mustang is also deemed as one of the best-selling sports cars in the world. This model is set to return with over 700 horsepower! (521 kW)

Return of the Ford Bronco

ford twitter bronco post

Here’s a first look at the upcoming Bronco. Ford has previously announced it was working on a new version of the iconic badge but details are few on this. We also know that they are developing an SUV with an electric battery.

Unnamed off-roader

A “smaller all-new rugged SUV designed for off-road adventures” is all everyone knows at this point.

Ford is working hard on bringing several new products to market. And it’s always exciting to see what’s coming next for us.