Trust in your business should be a key objective and if it isn’t it can affect all your business stakeholders.

The definition of trust in the Oxford dictionary is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. 

Why is trust important for the car-buying consumer?

In terms of the consumer, it is vital because that will determine whether they will come back or not, buy from you again or not. AutoTrader’s number one objective when transitioning from print to digital was to keep building the trust of the consumer. It was about transitioning from a printed magazine to a digital platform so that the consumer will not get scammed. 

With trust – consumers use the digital platform to help them with life-changing events, like switching from a smaller car to an SUV because their family just got bigger. 

Why trust is important to the car dealer/car seller?

How do you create trust on a digital platform for customers to sell and use? 

The only way is to create transparency! Transparency allows customers to build a relationship with the brand and the products/services you provide. Once the relationship is built it automatically creates trust which leads to brand and product loyalty. 

AutoTrader had to build very strong relationships with the car sellers that were advertising in the print magazine, in order for them to trust the brand enough to stick around through the transition. There were car dealers that stopped advertising with AutoTrader, but the ones that stayed through the transition have benefited massively today. 

Remember – Trust is created through transparency

Why is trust important in a workplace?

Employees that work for a brand are all “brand ambassadors”. AutoTrader SA saw most people stay when the business was transitioning from print to digital. 

If you trust a brand you will stay loyal even through the changes. 

AutoTrader did not only have to change the culture of the business but also needed to help change the culture within the automotive industry (for both the consumer and the car seller).

This is why AutoTrader is – The most trusted motoring marketplace!