Talk about a throwback, do you remember how some of these governed our lives?

Here are some things that will create a nostalgia hole in you…

1. The cassette walkman was once the height of portable music

sanyo cassette walkman

2. The king of transferable storage – the mighty floppy disc

floppy disc

3. The friendly reminder on a video rental

vhs rental label

4. VHS collections were total space stealers, but these were gold

vhs storage

5. The ultra cool Motorola flip mobile


6. Photo negatives are a memory in itself

photo negatives

7. Polaroid camera’s – which have made a magical comeback in recent years

vintage polaroid

8. When 8MB’s were enough to save several games…

ps1 memory card

Photo by Luis Juárez

9. ‘Knock, knock, knock, Can I help you?’ The annoying Microsoft Office assistant

microsoft clip microsoft assistant

10. The first two addictive mobile games – Tetris and Nokia’s Snake

Nokia snake

11. CD Towers that would serve as TV room/lounge ornaments

CD Tower

12. Unused film rolls. There’s probably one or two still sitting in your drawer somewhere…

film rolls

Photo by Philip Guiver

13. Old PC’s…

Power Macintosh G3

Apple Macintosh G3

14. Overhead projectors – “the sign of a boring lesson about to start”

overhead projector

15. A family trip necessity – the disposable camera

disposable kodak camera