This past weekend I sat down to watch the Belgian Grand Prix and lo and behold, there was a Schumacher on track!

Mick Schumacher 3

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Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, took his father’s seven-time Formula 1 world champion title-winning Benetton for a lap around the track.

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit is a track that shaped Schumacher’s F1 career and a run was organized to commemorate Michael’s first F1 win 25 years ago (in 1992).

Eighteen-year-old Mick wore a custom helmet that incorporated his usual design on one side and had his father’s original design on the other. The F1 car carried a special message that sits in all our hearts – #KeepFightingMichael

Mick is reported to have said it was “great” to drive the 1994 machine, and added: “I’m just amazed by the car.”

He is following in the motorsport trail of his father and uncle Ralf Schumacher. Little Schumacher is currently competing in the Formula 3 European Championship and also partook in the Formula 4 last year.

Not that Hamilton news is any important but the parade for Michael overlapped with Hamilton’s record. Ahead of Briton’s 200th Grand Prix, Hamilton’s qualifying at Spa on Saturday afternoon matched Schumacher’s 68 career pole positions.

Mick was also asked about his father’s pole position record. He said, “I always look back at my dad’s career but records are there to be broken. So well done to Lewis Hamilton.”

Mick Schumacher 2

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Michael Schumacher’s history

The Benetton Ford B194 race car was used by Michael in which he won eight races. He also won his first world championship crown in it. He won two World Championships with the Benetton team.

His debut at the track took place in 1991 when he raced for the British team Jordan. He qualified in seventh position but had to retire due to clutch failure. The following year he took the first of his recorded 91 victories at Spa, beating Nigel Mansell.

We all speak about Schumacher with a heavy heart praying for his recovery. From the last reports, it seems Michael continues to be cared for at his home in Switzerland. Come December it will be four years already since Schumacher sustained severe head injuries in a skiing accident.