Where did the Tesla Roadster and Starman in space end up?

2018-08-12T16:24:25+00:00February 22nd, 2018|

The Tesla Roadster and the Starman that Elon Musk blasted into space through SpaceX could progressively smash back into our planet.

Talk about sensationalizing, it’s not as bad as I just made it sound. If the Roadster is to ever collide with Earth, it would be tens of millions of years from now. I’ve read there’s a 6 percent chance it will hit Earth in the coming millions of years.

However, it will get close to us before then. In its initial orbit, it will pass Earth several times. A close encounter is scheduled, or should I say predicted, for 2091.

Eventually, it will journey out on an orbit that will get it moderately close to the sun as well as other planets. All these predictions of the Roadsters journey through the solar system comes from a new study that has tracked the car’s path. Apparently, it is the same technique that scientists use to track near-earth asteroids.

The study concluded that at some point during its orbit the electric car will collide with either Earth or Venus. It cannot give more exact predictions on the time. This is because the car could and is likely to, be disturbed by encounters with other orbits. But what was calculated is a 6 percent chance of colliding with Earth in the next million years. And only a 2.5 percent chance collision with Venus.

The predictors are saying, though, that the car will just keep flying around for tens of millions of years before anything major will happen to it. It could also just end up crashing and burning by the sun.

Tracking the Space Roadster

The Roadster was equipped with cameras that were supposed to live-stream its journey through space. Sadly, the transmission lasted shorter than anticipated. The batteries were expected to broadcast for 12 hours but instead, only 4 hours were transmitted before it died. It shouldn’t be expected to suddenly begin transmitting again as this was said to never happen.

On a positive note, the car is still being tracked. I have discovered a website, created by developer Ben Pearson, that’s tracking the journey of the Tesla Roadster. And, I’m sharing it with you so if you’re as interested as me you can also follow it. Check out WhereIsRoadster.com. It tracks the Starman’s convertible journey in real time. It also gives distances from the Earth, Mars and the Sun in miles, kilometres, and astronomical units (AU).