EV infrastructure nay sayers need to take note

Fuel companies together with strategic partners are positioning themselves to capture the EV charging station network in South Africa. This is not just talk. Partnerships plan on having nearly 200 EV charging stations installed by end March 2019. Growth is set to follow demand as the sales of Electric Vehicles grow in South Africa.

This is turning out to be a corporate race.. Which will be good for the revolution and the South African economy. So watch this space.

Besides, Elon Musk is a South African after all and at the centre of the EV “revolution”, its about time…

GridCars driving the EV charging station revolution

GridCarsIt seems that the company GridCars are at the forefront. Driving the focus on the EV charging station in South Africa! GridCars has already partnered with Jaguar Landrover South Africa in anticipation of the new I-Pace soon to be launched in South Africa. GridCars while working with Shell are also working with a number of oil companies in SA in an attempt to drive the future of clean energy.

With the Jaguar I-Pace coming to South Africa this year, the Nissan Leaf already on our roads and BMW’s i3 and i8, who knows, perhaps the Tesla will grace our shores soon.. here’s to hoping Mr Musk!