In the captivating world of the automotive industry, Leslie Ramsoomar’s story is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and a love for cars. As the CEO of AutoTrader SA, I am thrilled to share Leslie’s incredible journey with you. From starting as a Parts Salesman to leading Stellantis South Africa, Leslie’s path is a true inspiration to aspiring leaders in the automotive sector.

The Early Years and Ambitions:

Growing up with an unwavering fascination for cars, Leslie dreamt of becoming a motor mechanic. Unfortunately, financial constraints hindered his academic pursuits. Nevertheless, he took on a role as a parts salesman, where his profound knowledge of car mechanics and parts quickly made him successful.

A Yearning to Sell Cars:

Despite excelling in parts sales, Leslie’s heart was set on selling cars. He joined the vehicle administration department in a Nissan franchise dealership, eager to explore the car sales world. He assisted salesmen during busy hours, went the extra mile to learn the sales pitch, and took customers on test drives, purely driven by his passion for the industry.

Climbing the Career Ladder:

Leslie’s dedication and exceptional car sales performance led to a used car manager promotion. His journey of success continued as he became a dealer principal, running the Renault branch in Northcliff. He then rose to the esteemed position of Sales Director for Renault in South Africa, spearheading critical strategies for the brand.

A Global Perspective:

As a true visionary, Leslie recognised the value of international experience in broadening one’s horizons. He embraced an opportunity in the Middle East, serving as the Deputy Managing Director for Renault, overlooking operations in 14 countries. The Middle East experience provided valuable insights into diverse cultures and business models, making him even more resilient as a leader.

A Homecoming and a New Role:

Upon his return to South Africa, Leslie embraced the role of Sales Director for Nissan South Africa. His leadership understanding and passion for the automotive industry continued to drive him forward, positively impacting the brand’s success.

Leslie’s journey from a parts salesman to the Managing Director of Stellantis SA exemplifies the importance of passion, perseverance, and international exposure in achieving great heights in the automotive sector. As we celebrate his achievements, let us draw inspiration from his story and remember that success knows no bounds when guided by genuine passion and dedication. To all aspiring leaders and car enthusiasts, let Leslie’s journey ignite the spark within you, and together, let’s accelerate towards a future of greatness in the automotive world!