Electric vehicles are a hot topic in the automotive industry, with many companies investing heavily in research and development to stay competitive. One such company is Ford, which has highlighted its plans to vertically integrate its electric vehicle production process. In an interview, Neale Hill, President of Ford Motor Company Africa discussed the company’s plans and what the future may hold for EVs.

Vertical Integration: Following in the Footsteps of Henry Ford

When asked about the future of electric vehicles for Ford, Neale responded by discussing Jim Farley’s comments about Tesla’s vertically integrated production process. According to Farley, Tesla’s approach to production is similar to what Ford pioneered back in the days of Henry Ford. Ford’s goal is to vertically integrate its electric vehicle production process all the way back to the mines where raw materials are sourced in order to bring costs down.

Securing Access to Critical Raw Materials

Neale went on to explain that Ford has already signed off-take agreements with certain mines around the world for certain raw materials. The company is trying to get ahead of the curve and secure access to the critical components needed for the production and assembly of batteries. With a clear focus on making sure they have access to the necessary raw materials, it seems likely that Ford will be a major player in the battery electric vehicle space.

The Mach-E and Ford’s Expansion in the Electric Vehicle Market

Ford has very clear plans and ambitions to potentially launch the Mach-E in South Africa in the near future.  While they did not provide a specific timeline, it seems clear that Ford is committed to bringing their electric vehicles to market and expanding their electric vehicle portfolio.

Overall, Ford is fully committed to electric vehicles, investing significantly in local development and production. With the focus on vertical integration and material, access ensures their prominent role in the future electric vehicle market.  As demand for cleaner vehicles grows, Ford leads the way in pioneering this important area.