Building a brand is long-term magic for your business. Businesses with the strongest brands within the online space will be the ones left standing in the long run. 

How to build your brand in the context of the consumer?

Where do you start with building an online brand?

Start with your car buying customer’s context in mind. Building an online brand is much more than just putting up retail ads everywhere. I’ve seen so many car dealerships advertising on social media using creatives to don’t stand out from competitors or merely putting up retail ads. 

Building a brand is more than just posting retail ads on social media!

The context of the consumer and the reasons they are on a platform is what you have to speak to in your advert creative. The way to do this is by giving first without expecting to receive. You can do this on platforms no matter whether the platform operates at the upper end or lower end of the funnel in the car buying context. This way, you build trust between your brand and the consumer

Social media is an advantage to building a brand

Use social media to your advantage by not only using it to sell cars. Use social media to build your brand and reputation online.

Part of the reason for this is that 60% of the time consumers are researching your car dealership brand on social media before they buy from you.

Consumers ask themselves constantly, whether consciously or subconsciously, before purchasing “can I trust this seller?” 

Practical tips to building a brand that benefits you in the long run

One of SA’s most successful independent car dealerships was selling around 200 vehicles a month, is now selling north of 400 vehicles. 

The reason this dealership has more than doubled sales is that they try everything possible way to build their brand and reputation. Their objective is not to sell, sell, sell all of the time.

Take the risk with your car dealership.

Take the risk, trying new things and ways to develop and build your brand. If it doesn’t work, all you’ve learnt is how to not do it!