When was the last time you conducted a sanity check on what you think you offer as a dealership, against what your customers want?

I’m not talking about your products – most car buying websites look the same these days, don’t you think?

Here are a few quick thoughts that I hope will help you as a car dealership along the way:

Why you?

Why should I trust you (a car dealership)?

  • Display your accreditation.
  • Ensure that your address is obvious, along with company numbers and anything else that proves your validity.
  • Are you part of something bigger – how obvious is it?

How will I know you’ll look after me if something goes wrong later?

  • Do you offer warranty?
  • When people complain, do you respond positively for future prospects to see?
  • Are you visibly seen to be helping when your customers have problems?
  • Can you demonstrate to other customers who’ve had problems, that found your support to be helpful and comforting when they encountered issues further down the line?

I’m always keen to do anything I can to help South Africa’s car dealers win more business – besides, you guys are the experts. If any data, or if AutoTrader’s research is useful to you, feel free to give me a ring, connect with me on linkedin or simply drop me a line on twitter @GeorgeMienie.