Car sales data according to NAAMSA, Kantar & AutoTrader

Used car sales data adds insight to the automotive industry. While used car sales in South Africa dwarfs new car sale, new car sales are an important feeder to the used car retail market place. I was recently joined by Mike Mabasa, Naamsa CEO, and Richard Rice, Kantar Business Development Director, to speak about the future of the automotive industry. Not only from the AutoTrader car industry report and the data it contains, but also from an SA manufacturing perspective of electric cars. Future decisions rely on used car data According to Mike Mabasa, the latest instalment of the AutoTrader [...]

Car dealerships layer experience with data on the dealer floor

Car dealerships continue to find opportunities in lockdown I recently spoke to Bobby Petkov from MitMak Motors to find out how trading during lockdown has been so far. Even with fewer car buyers on the dealer floor, it seems like car dealerships are not only resilient but continue to find opportunities even in lockdown, by using data layered with experience. How? Car dealerships have had to change strategy & tactics with a need to refocus and reprioritize, has made car dealerships like MitMak Motors successful to the extent that their current sales numbers reflect those of pre-covid times. Though uncertainty [...]