Social media networks influence car buyers

Over the years I’ve come across car dealerships who believe that car sales occur on social media, is this true? Car buyers could buy cars on social media in some instances but I’m not convinced. What is social media? I believe there’s no such thing as social media – it’s a term that society has coined for various social platforms. They are just "platforms" on the internet that people go to consume different kinds of content. Just as Google is a search platform, YouTube is a platform too, like Facebook, Instagram, AutoTrader, etc. Social media are some words somebody made [...]

3 Ways for your car dealership to stand out online

The future of car buying is constantly evolving. With a possibility of your customer being able to complete much of the car buying process online. And having the new car delivered to them without stepping on to your car dealership floor. This means your car dealership needs to constantly evolve to ensure your digital advertising acts as an influencing medium for car shoppers to choose you. Here are 3 tips to help you stand out online: 1. Take quality photos of your car dealership stock Presentation is everything. A well-lit, professionally taken image can mean the difference between a customer [...]

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