Social media networks influence car buyers

Over the years I’ve come across car dealerships who believe that car sales occur on social media, is this true? Car buyers could buy cars on social media in some instances but I’m not convinced. What is social media? I believe there’s no such thing as social media – it’s a term that society has coined for various social platforms. They are just "platforms" on the internet that people go to consume different kinds of content. Just as Google is a search platform, YouTube is a platform too, like Facebook, Instagram, AutoTrader, etc. Social media are some words somebody made [...]

How the car buying consumer has changed

Gone are the days when consumers used to drive around from car dealership to car dealership looking for the best deal money can buy. Now car buying consumers do all of that at the click of a button via the internet. We need to acknowledge that car buying consumer behaviour has changed. Car buying is not as linear as it used to be in the physical world. Car buyers were subject to doing research offline as well as you had to purchase offline which was cumbersome. But what has disrupted all of this is the internet! The internet has caused [...]

2020-09-03T09:13:01+02:00September 3rd, 2020|Consumer Car Shopping, Pricing & Stocking|