3 Ways for car dealerships to stand out online

The future of car buying is constantly evolving, with a possibility of your customer being able to complete much of the car buying process online, and have the new car delivered to them without stepping on to your dealership floor.

This means your dealership needs to constantly evolve to ensure your digital advertising acts as an influencing medium for car shoppers to choose you.

Here are 3 tips to help you stand out online:

1. Take quality photos of your stockquality_photos_600x200.jpg

Presentation is everything. A well-lit, professionally taken image can mean the difference between a customer choosing you or having a customer leave your virtual showroom.







2. Write a description that tells a story & is easy to read

Avoid using acronyms such as VSC or ESP when you list specifications – the average car shopper doesn’t know it stands for. Always keep in mind that customers want to see the value they are getting & a compelling story helps sell the car.



3. Reach the right audience

By partnering with SA’s biggest automotive website, you are guaranteed to reach the largest audience of in-market car shoppers right as they’re looking for cars similar to yours, in your area.

Want your dealership to stand out online, speak to our experts today.