If advert quality answers all consumer questions, leads go down and sales go up?

Do you think Nike knows the source of its leads? No, but they know a lot about quality adverts. Car dealerships can get more car sales with quality car adverts.

They are still selling a product, but it’s not that they don’t care about it, it’s just that they have marketed and advertised to where the consumer attention is, answered all the consumers questions online and in turn that consumer attention turns to sales for Nike.

So in a world of marketing to where the consumer attention is, you only have one lever besides the price and that is advert creative. Something that car dealers should deeply understand. The creative is ALWAYS the variable. That’s always the thing that’s going to either get you the consumers attention in the first place or NOT. So if you go to where the consumers are, put together a kick-ass advert with the right creative, will turn that consumer attention into a sale.

If consumer attention is where we must go as a car dealership, then the next variable becomes the creative which directly impacts your car adverts. We keep advising the automotive industry that the quality of the photographs and the quality of the copy that accompanies the advert and obviously your price are the MOST important things.

Don’t forget being priced to market all the time

Remove the easiest variable in order to see what advert creative works. Being priced to market all the time. In the world of price transparency, you should be priced to market. Priced to market takes into account ever changing market demand and market supply.

How to capture the consumer at in-market shopper level with a quality car advert?

Before deciding which advertising platforms or channels to choose, think about the car buying journey as a funnel: need arousal all the way to purchase, car dealers need to ask themselves these questions in order to improve car adverts:

  • Have I maximised/captured reaching and capturing the consumer at in-market-car-shopper attention?
  • If yes, move up the funnel to online brand building
  • Then, move to traditional media

Therefore I would maximise where the short term revenue is first i.e. where the in-market-car-shoppers are, and then move up the funnel and test different advert creative variables.

Whereas, if you approach the funnel the other way around, you just don’t know whether you’re reaching the people who are in the market to buy a car. So now you’re spending money with little guarantee of return because the creative variables that you on traditional media are not measurable like online is – how do you test? Whereas, on digital platforms you can test different creative variables to get different results and learn. You know when you’ve reached an in market car shopper; someone in the market to buy a car. So, it’s not about asking yourself when we walk away from traditional media, you never walk away from traditional media if you’ve exhausted online advertising and brand building and have the money to use it.  The trouble is, traditional media is overpriced at the moment.

Tips to create good quality car adverts 

Here are some tips on what your car adverts should contain to capture consumer attention and imagination.

The consumer already knows more about the car than you do by the time they get to your online showroom. They’ve researched, so make sure that:

  • The car’s images stand out
    • Clearly showcasing the car, with a clear background
  • Your adverts tell a story about the car, not the standard features – share with the consumer all the unique selling points and not the functional specs of the car

Remember that when consumers are searching on sites like AutoTrader, they first land on the Search listings and all they can see at this point are the photos and price and a few other details like year model and your brand as a dealership. They have to then decide which car to click on. So price and image are the most important at this stage.

Once the consumer has clicked on your advert, this is when the advert creative variable comes to play. Now, the other 19 pictures and supporting story about the car, reinforces the consumers decision to have clicked on your advert. Based on a compelling story and 19 images, they make another decision to contact the car dealer.

As a car dealer, having branding that looks clean and digital creates trust with the consumer online.

Quality of leads

The quality of the enquiry is influenced by whether the consumer gets all their questions answered in the advert or not. If you tell the consumer that the car is still available today, then you are less likely to get a question asking you about availability. You may get a more serious enquiry. The lack of quality descriptions will lead to poor quality enquiries. Quality is also better than quantity. Car dealerships would prefer a sale rather than a silly enquiry. Try and increase the quality and lower the quantity of your leads, but increase sales. It’s less resource intensive on your car dealership that way.

Make sure your advertising works…Key is to advertise, monitor and change the variables (price; photo’s, descriptions) often. Remember, the consumer knows a lot more about the car before they see your advert. Question is: what sets your vehicle apart from the rest!

Always great to hear from you! Reach out to me here if you have any questions!