Buying a car in the digital era: this is what has changed

Us humans are creatures of habit The way in which we do business might have changed over the years and new technology might have been introduced, but our buying behaviour hardly changed, especially when buying a car. But also in most other areas of our life. Things that we used to do offline, we’re now simply doing online. Consumers are slipping out of your finger tips due to anonymity Traditionally, the process of buying a car was exactly that: a process. The vast majority of car sales are still made in the traditional fashion. I call this fulfillment at the [...]

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Trust, Emotion & Risk Still at the Forefront of Consumer Car Shopping

Trust, Emotion & Risk Are Still at the Forefront of Automotive Consumer Decision Making. You’ve probably heard me saying this over and over again!  People buy from people - TRUST. Essentially, the emotion and the risk in car buying remains the same as it always has been - even digital can’t change the way we’re hardwired to think! If you only take one thing away from this article today - this is it: Minimise buyer risk and maximize emotion. Evaluate your website like a pro: Get family and friends that you trust to give you honest opinion to evaluate your [...]

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