Social media networks influence car buyers

Over the years I’ve come across car dealerships who believe that car sales occur on social media, is this true? Car buyers could buy cars on social media in some instances but I’m not convinced. What is social media? I believe there’s no such thing as social media – it’s a term that society has coined for various social platforms. They are just "platforms" on the internet that people go to consume different kinds of content. Just as Google is a search platform, YouTube is a platform too, like Facebook, Instagram, AutoTrader, etc. Social media are some words somebody made [...]

Impact of Covid-19 | Stephen Grootes – Newzroom Afrika

I had an interview on Newzroom Afrika with Stephen Grootes on how COVID-19 has impacted the automotive industry, particularly its effects on car buying trends in South Africa. South Africa is STILL buying cars One of the things that is evident in the data is that South African car buying consumers are STILL buying cars - with a bigger swing to used cars, causing the new car market to come under pressure. From the data on AutoTrader, we saw a -13% decline in used car sales year-on-year for the month of June 2020, coming out of a lockdown level five. [...]

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How the car buying consumer has changed

Gone are the days when consumers used to drive around from car dealership to car dealership looking for the best deal money can buy. Now car buying consumers do all of that at the click of a button via the internet. We need to acknowledge that car buying consumer behaviour has changed. Car buying is not as linear as it used to be in the physical world. Car buyers were subject to doing research offline as well as you had to purchase offline which was cumbersome. But what has disrupted all of this is the internet! The internet has caused [...]

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Abdullah Veraschia – DigiCars | Industry Spotlight

I caught up with the co-founder of DigiCars, Abdullah Veraschia. He has a fascinating story specifically behind the birth of DigiCars – a car dealership driven to make an online difference for the South African car buyer. Friendships become business partners At the back of an iconic 2010 in South Africa's history, Abdullah Veraschia met his then potential business partner at pilgrimage and because both were driven by similar passion; cars – they along with other colleagues decided to focus more on thinking what the future of the automotive sector might be? What the future of automotive retail is? COVID-19 [...]

Car sales data according to NAAMSA, Kantar & AutoTrader

Used car sales data adds insight to the automotive industry. While used car sales in South Africa dwarfs new car sale, new car sales are an important feeder to the used car retail market place. I was recently joined by Mike Mabasa, Naamsa CEO, and Richard Rice, Kantar Business Development Director, to speak about the future of the automotive industry. Not only from the AutoTrader car industry report and the data it contains, but also from an SA manufacturing perspective of electric cars. Future decisions rely on used car data According to Mike Mabasa, the latest instalment of the AutoTrader [...]

Car dealerships layer experience with data on the dealer floor

Car dealerships continue to find opportunities in lockdown I recently spoke to Bobby Petkov from MitMak Motors to find out how trading during lockdown has been so far. Even with fewer car buyers on the dealer floor, it seems like car dealerships are not only resilient but continue to find opportunities even in lockdown, by using data layered with experience. How? Car dealerships have had to change strategy & tactics with a need to refocus and reprioritize, has made car dealerships like MitMak Motors successful to the extent that their current sales numbers reflect those of pre-covid times. Though uncertainty [...]

From Car Buying to Electric Cars | AutoTrader exposes data

Car buying search behaviour has show a total of 401 million online searches for used cars (including electric cars) has took place last year (an all-time record and a 40% increase year-on-year). In addition, the average selling price of a used car in the last year was R289 312, an increase of R9 003 from the previous year, but electric vehicles are still out of reach.  These are amongst the key findings contained in the latest 2020 AutoTrader Car Industry Report – for the year ending June 2020. This annual report incorporates the new car taxonomy and vastly improved search capabilities [...]

100 days of lockdown | Keo Hlope – Newzroom Afrika

I recently had an interview with Keo Hlope from Newzroom Africa. We discussed the effect of the first 100 days of lockdown on the automotive industry, used car sales, trends and insights. As car dealerships started to open their doors to car buyers, they’ve been cautious about operating under the new normal. Car dealerships have embraced the fact that all cars have to be sanitized before and after the test drive, they've complied and put in place solid PPE requirements. Car dealerships are signing registers, taking temperatures, wearing masks and staff have been trained. I visited a few already and [...]

AutoTrader South Africa – The Story

Transition to Transformation Let me share the AutoTrader digital transition and now digital transformation story with you... questions that, especially now with COVID-19, every business, including car dealerships are grappling with: How do I take my business more online? How do I "digitise" more of my businesses processes? There is a difference between digital transition and digital transformation. AutoTrader first had to go through a digital and print to online transition. Then, once that had occurred, from 2017 we begun our digital transformation, using data that the online transition and digitisation enabled. Let me explain: A digital transition is  the [...]

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Branding and car dealership marketing

Buying cars, buying tyres or buying anything else in autos is similar in that the search initially begins online. Creating a car dealership brand using effective online marketing strategies has become more important than ever If we look at AutoTrader's past, the days of print, there were two competitive advantages, print and distribution. Facings on the retail shelf also drove the brand into the mind of the consumer, we didn't have to market much outside of this. But, there was one inherent problem, we couldn't reach scale. The magazine that we printed could only publish around 10,000 cars for sale. [...]