(Un)lock COVID-19 lockdown for car dealerships

Now that the country has officially been put on lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak. Everyone, including car dealerships have had to close doors. What has the impact of this been on the automotive industry, specifically car dealerships? Are businesses quickly adapting their online business models and marketing tactics? Are car dealerships building new and creative ways of engaging with their customers online. Are car dealerships thinking about Automotive Digital Retailing even more than ever? I recently spoke to two successful car dealers (here's the link to the full show): Bobby Petkov (DP - MitMak Motors) and Cecilia Reis (DP - [...]

The car dealer can still secure a strong digital presence in SA

Who would agree with me that it’s tough in our economy? Though in this tough economy, without the car buying consumer, we can't sell all the wonderful things that we make or secure a strong car dealer digital presence in SA. Let me try and push the boundaries a little & give you some insights into what we see in the consumer market - all to help the car dealer secure a strong digital consumer presence in a changing economy. The tech-savvy consumer We can agree that the South African car landscape is complex, there are many car makes, models [...]

How important are quality car adverts?

If advert quality answers all consumer questions, leads go down and sales go up? Do you think Nike knows the source of its leads? No, but they know a lot about quality adverts. Car dealerships can get more car sales with quality car adverts. They are still selling a product, but it’s not that they don’t care about it, it's just that they have marketed and advertised to where the consumer attention is, answered all the consumers questions online and in turn that consumer attention turns to sales for Nike. So in a world of marketing to where the consumer [...]

AutoTrader launches Car Industry Report

Big data Big data has been a business opportunity in South Africa for decades. However, extracting and leveraging its full value is often a complex process. AutoTrader Car Industry Report fills the data gap. The South African motor industry The SA motor industry is being held back and historically crippled by unstructured and incomplete data. Having suffered from the ineffective collection and use of VIN data since inception.  5 years ago, we set out to create South Africa’s first ever comprehensive vehicle database that captures and organises VIN data down to feature level. Vehicle by vehicle, over 11 million VIN [...]

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6 Memorable customer experiences your used car dealership can use

Follow consumer attention Remember the times when having the best billboard, the largest inflatable gorilla, or the best selection of stock was enough to get the consumers attention and start them heading into your dealership? Remember when the marketplace was saturday mornings, as in-market-car-shoppers would walk the pavements. Visiting car dealership after car dealership. While these things still work, much less, consumer attention has shifted. The internet has happened and captured the car buying consumers attention more than anything else. As a result, car buying customer expectations have changed where the marketplace is. In-market-car-shoppers now have more options, they do [...]

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5 Moments that matter most to your car dealership

5 Car shopping moments that matter and what it means for your car dealership Google’s latest Automotive Shopper Study is extremely insightful especially when it comes to understanding the modern in market car shopper, their buying behaviour and what it could mean for your car dealership. Since then, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what Google terms “moments that matter”. What are the moments that matter to your car dealership in South Africa “Which car is best?” moment. It’s early days and your potential customers are still unsure about which brand to purchase. Yes, capturing these website visits [...]

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Buying a car in the digital era: this is what has changed

Us humans are creatures of habit The way in which we do business might have changed over the years and new technology might have been introduced, but our buying behaviour hardly changed, especially when buying a car. But also in most other areas of our life. Things that we used to do offline, we’re now simply doing online. Consumers are slipping out of your finger tips due to anonymity Traditionally, the process of buying a car was exactly that: a process. The vast majority of car sales are still made in the traditional fashion. I call this fulfillment at the [...]

Trust, Emotion & Risk Still at the Forefront of Consumer Car Shopping

Trust, Emotion & Risk Are Still at the Forefront of Automotive Consumer Decision Making. You’ve probably heard me saying this over and over again!  People buy from people - TRUST. Essentially, the emotion and the risk in car buying remains the same as it always has been - even digital can’t change the way we’re hardwired to think! If you only take one thing away from this article today - this is it: Minimise buyer risk and maximize emotion. Evaluate your website like a pro: Get family and friends that you trust to give you honest opinion to evaluate your [...]

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