Culture is the success and absolute failure of any business. Because It takes so long to show up in the results, businesses don’t recognize that business culture is the key to their success or failure. 

I have found that business culture is the SOLE sustainable competitive advantage of any business.

Business culture as a key to success

I recently watched a video by Simon Sinek telling a story about a barista that he met in Las Vegas. While buying a cup of coffee and waiting for it to be made. The barista told Simon how great it was to be working in that particular hotel.

Simon asked what is the hotel doing that made him so happy? 

There was one thing that came to mind and that was that all managers in this hotel walk around and ask, is there anything I can help you with?

In the other hotel that the barista worked at, the managers checked if he is doing his job properly. 

What makes the difference in my opinion is, how people are treated in the workplace will determine the way work is done. It is vitally important for staff to feel at home while being at work.

By creating the right environment, you create an environment of transparency and a productive workspace. This environment isn’t only about the coffee, it’s the unsaid things that go through the people’s minds as they walk through the workspace. This is something that takes a long time to foster.

The barista in that story only worked at the other hotel for the money and not because he actually wanted to.

Have you created a working environment where employees are just there for their salary? You are putting your business at risk.

The importance of Culture

The moral of this is that culture is so important in the workspace. The way that employees feel about the working environment and business will determine: 

  • How well they work
  • How successful the business will be
  • Whether the business will ultimately be a success or failure

One of my passions within my work life is business culture and people. I love and thrive on the growth of people.

I’ve made it my mission at AutoTrader SA to build a high-performing team that wants to come to work every day. That team has never let me down in over 18 years at AutoTrader SA.

Take the time to understand the people that work with you.