Circulate an agenda

successful meeting

7 Keys to a successful meeting

7 Keys to a successful meeting starts with not only setting an agenda. Circulate the agenda beforehand for all at the meeting to prepare.

Start on time

You’ve heard them say, time is the ultimate equal opportunity employer. Every person has the same amount of time. Therefore is stands to reason that no ones time is more important than another. Therefore, Respect the time of other people and you’ll find yours is respected also.

A successful meeting happens in the  morning

As far as possible, meet in the morning. The people in the meeting should have a fresh mind resulting in a higher level of engagement. People generally don’t like early morning meetings. For an 8am meeting, people have to prepare the day before, which is unlikely in most cases. Therefore, schedule important meetings mid-morning at around 10am.

Have clear objectives

Know what the outcome of the meeting needs to be before the meeting. If you are invited, ask for the agenda and objective of the meeting. This will generally keep the meeting on course and not waste anyones time. The leader should drive the objectives and the agenda.

Eye contact

Eye contact is the top non verbal indicator of a positive meeting. Watch for it and adjust the tone of the meeting based on how you observe eye contact among attendees.

Next steps

Before the meeting ends, clearly define the next steps and agree who is accountable for each. End the meeting early if possible. Don’t use the whole hour for the sake of it. End the meeting early when possible.

Circulate contents

Circulate the content, notes and/or actions as soon as possible after the meeting. Attendees at the meeting will have a hard time taking notes while listening and engaging. Consequently they will remember very little and quite possibly leave out important actions to be taken. A meeting’s success doesn’t happen in the meeting but in the execution thereafter.