AutoTrader SA automotive industry Car Dealer Awards

We recently launched the AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards. These awards are not like the regular awards that you see every other week. But, there is a twist, unlike regular awards, there are no deadlines to nominate.  Why should there be a cutoff in recognizing positivity?  I caught up with AutoTrader SA’s Marketing Director, Angelique Lynch who explained to us why the AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards exist.  AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards The main reason AutoTrader SA Car Dealer Awards exist is to recognise those who make the South African automotive industry special. Also, to interview the best of [...]

South African automotive industry buying cycle

The South African automotive industry buying cycle relies on leading/lagging indicators. Every report AutoTrader SA has published gives car buyers and sellers data on consumer consideration, consumer demand, and consumer intent which answer car buyer questions like: Is now a good time to buy a used car in 2021? Buying a used car in 2021 means you have to take into consideration price and given that used car prices are increasing, perhaps you should buy a used car now! On the other hand, if a car buyer thinks the market will settle and prices will come down, then holding off [...]

AutoTrader Car Industry Report includes electric car (EV) data statistics

The AutoTrader SA Mid-Year Car Industry Report includes a brand new electric car (EV) data statistics section.  What types of electric vehicles are available in South Africa? Below are the 5 electric cars available in South Africa: BMW i3 Porsche Taycan  Jaguar I-Pace  Mini Cooper SE Nissan Leaf (discontinued) The Nissan Leaf is unfortunately no longer available in South Africa but a car buyer can buy the Nissan Leaf electric car second hand.  AutoTrader SA has updated the 2020 AutoTrader EV Buyer Survey to understand the psychology of the EV buying South African consumer. We have now updated the study [...]