What is Automotive Digital Retailing?

Automotive digital retailing is using digital technologies to better connect digital showrooms with physical ones. It's also about seamlessly connecting online showrooms to physical in-showroom experiences. Reasons consumers like to shop online (particularly in automotive): Being able to shop 24/7 Comparison shop (particularly price) Saves time Convenience  The car dealership that employs automotive digital retailing strategies have higher gross profit margins. 3 car dealership strategies that enable automotive digital retailing Provide the consumer with as much information online about the car as possible Automotive digital retailing provides the car buying consumer with not only critical information but as much information [...]

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The Rise of the e-Car Dealership

Would you agree with me that the internet has happened? If you’re starting to think of a digital strategy now, you're potentially late! You’ve got a lot of work to do as a car dealership. It doesn’t mean you can’t WIN because dealerships in South Africa are not doing this kind of thing at scale and with momentum yet. There’s still a lot of work to do. Let’s bust a few myths: Myth 1 - The offline and online experience in our automotive world is separate This concept is also known as Digital Retailing and it makes the online & [...]

Buying a car in the digital era: this is what has changed

Us humans are creatures of habit The way in which we do business might have changed over the years and new technology might have been introduced, but our buying behaviour hardly changed, especially when buying a car. But also in most other areas of our life. Things that we used to do offline, we’re now simply doing online. Consumers are slipping out of your finger tips due to anonymity Traditionally, the process of buying a car was exactly that: a process. The vast majority of car sales are still made in the traditional fashion. I call this fulfillment at the [...]

3 used car best practices, that new car dealers should adopt

Research seems to show that there is a key difference between new car and used car shoppers. New car buyers start looking for the best deal for a car they already know they want. While used car buyers are often initially more cautious about the car itself. Two of the biggest concerns are about the used car condition and mileage. These factors that often aren’t relevant to new car shoppers. In recent years, car dealers have done a much better job of meeting the needs of used car shoppers. This seems to be slightly less true for new car customers. [...]

Top 5 global automotive trends includes digital retailing

While on the hunt for the top 5 global automotive trends... This is what I came across. Most interesting of all is point 5 on digital retailing. If you think I’ve missed something or have a comment. Reach out to me on Linkedin, Twitter or FaceBook on these top 5 global automotive trends - looking forward to hearing from you!     Autonomous vehicles are closer than ever. Reading the latest automotive study by McKinsey, it was clearer than ever it won’t be long now until fully autonomous cars become a significant percentage of the market - up to 15% by 2030. If [...]

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Technology & the car dealer relationship with car buying consumers

It’s no news: behaviour is changing amongst car buying consumers. Car buying consumers have quickly evolved from a purely offline experience to a record number of transactions being initiated online. Here are some thoughts on how to integrate these two worlds into your dealership. Good news. Technology can’t fully replace human interaction Although the majority of the car buying journey now happens online, it’s also true that customers are still looking for your professional knowledge and guidance. Digital retailing still isn't where it needs to be in South Africa. According to Econsultancy, even customers who are about to make a [...]

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