Understanding Car Dealership social media

What is your car dealership social media strategy? Have you ever spared a thought to understand how social media fits into the world of the car dealership? Lately, there has been a proliferation of SMMAs (Social Media Marketing Agencies) sprouting up in South Africa. Most of them merely charge a commission to place retail adverts on social platforms for a fixed fee or a commission on spend. I don’t want them to take your money without providing you with value. It’s therefore important to understand the marketing world of social media as a car dealership, so that you don’t get [...]

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The Car Dealership needs to have a “mind-shift”

Car pricing, demand and supply. Pricing for immediate demand and supply is happening in real time - there are no lags anymore, especially for car dealerships. We call this live market data. There is a constant push and pull that directly affects the price of a product i.e. the price of a car on your car dealership floor. Because pricing is becoming so transparent, we now want to know where the price is going in the future - I think, therein lies the next opportunity for transparency i.e. when demand and supply data becomes transparent. In being passionate about moving [...]

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The Rise of the e-Car Dealership

Would you agree with me that the internet has happened? If you’re starting to think of a digital strategy now, you're potentially late! You’ve got a lot of work to do as a car dealership. It doesn’t mean you can’t WIN because dealerships in South Africa are not doing this kind of thing at scale and with momentum yet. There’s still a lot of work to do. Let’s bust a few myths: Myth 1 - The offline and online experience in our automotive world is separate This concept is also known as Digital Retailing and it makes the online & [...]

Is your car dealership fixated solely on e leads in 2020…seriously?

In a world of marketing and getting leads, especially the world of marketing cars, have you ever asked why consumers walk into your car dealership to buy a car and secondly how did they get there (to your dealership)? The sale of a car all starts somewhere, for most consumers, online! The car buying consumer already knows a lot more about the car before they even see your advert. The question is how do you get them to choose you over your competitors? Consumer Attention By leveraging consumer attention, but the more important thing is how does your car dealership [...]

4 Strategies to improve car dealership profitability

Anyone working in the retail automotive industry, particularly in a car dealership, are aware of how fleeting dealership profitability can be. Especially in times of economic uncertainty.  I’ve been speaking to many a car dealership all over the country in the past year. Even where revenue has grown and business has expanded steadily. Consensus seems to be that expenses have grown just as much if not more. Growing revenue as a car dealership is one thing but declining profitability is not great for any business. Automotive retail is a costly business Franchised dealers (read: 3 used car best practices, that new [...]

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4 Practical tips to measure digital car dealership ROI

On the face of it, as a car dealership, we’re tempted to think proving digital marketing ROI should be simple After all, technology has given us access to more performance metrics than ever before. In reality however, it is never as straightforward as we would hope. Marketing efforts can affect revenue in both direct and indirect ways. 3 ways that, as a car dealership, marketing affects your revenue: The quality of your Consumer Advert View (CAV). Not only on 3rd party portals like AutoTrader, but also on your dealership website. The higher the quality of the advert the more conversion [...]

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Your dealership website: why should I choose you?

When was the last time you conducted a sanity check on what you think you offer as a dealership, against what your customers want? I’m not talking about your products - most car buying websites look the same these days, don’t you think? Here are a few quick thoughts that I hope will help you as a car dealership along the way: Why you? Display your reviews prominently. Have a regular flow of pictures of customers collecting their cars from you in your social media feeds - and update them often. Make sure you’re listed on Google My Business. Showcase [...]

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Be Clear.  Be Precise.  Be Transparent.

Isn’t it amazing just how much choice we have available to us now?  On one hand it’s great - but lately, The car dealership, in fact most car dealerships struggles to manage the speed of this change.   I’m talking about ‘time-served’ car dealers who know how to retail.  Now many a car dealership struggle to ‘keep the pace’ with digitally-demanding car buyers of today - but it made me worry.  I don’t want to see these guys miss out on valuable business. Our industry (and the economy) really doesn’t want to lose their really valuable experience. Trust me when [...]

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5 Tips to win in today’s digital world

5 Tips dealerships can use to win in today’s digital retail world We all know consumer buyer behaviour is changing. Your digital forecourt is more important than ever. But, as buyers spend more and more time online and less time in our physical forecourts I know some dealers are finding the change a struggle.   The problems You only have to think back to how your website looked 5 years ago to see just how much Automotive websites have improved, but there’s still so much more we can do to improve. One of the things i’ve noticed is that dealers [...]

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Why SA car dealers need to embrace Digital Marketing

Many South African car dealers still swear by traditional means of advertising and marketing. Without discrediting the importance traditional marketing still has, I swear by the power of all-things-digital. This is why I think dealers should also adopt digital marketing: Convenience and Wider Reach of digital marketing It not only helps to reach a more varied and broader audience but also brings in new customers. Digital marketing channels don’t only refer to mobile and social media, but websites, banner ads, and email also assist in reaching a larger part of the audience. This form of marketing allows the convenience of easy contact [...]

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